TBS1000B - Digital Oscilloscope


2 Channel 70 MHz & 100 MHz at
INR 35,400 & INR 45,000
(Taxes Applicable)

The TBS1000B Digital Storage Oscilloscope Series provides you with affordable performance in a compact design. Packed with standard features - including USB connectivity, 34 automated measurements, limit testing, data logging, frequency counter, TrendPlot™ and a context-sensitive help menu - the TBS1000B Series oscilloscopes helps you get more done, in less time.

TBS2000 - Digital Oscilloscope


Starting Price: INR 87800
(Taxes Applicable)

See More. Measure More. Innovate More.
The new TBS2000 is designed to be great at performing an oscilloscope's most important jobs -looking at and measuring signals.
Big display, long record length, affordable price.

MSO2000 - Mixed Signal Oscilloscope


Starting Price: INR 115000
(Taxes Applicable)

Feature-rich tools for debugging mixed signal designs.
Offering up to 200 MHz bandwidth and 1 GS/s sample rate, the MSO/DPO2000B Mixed Signal Oscilloscope Series provides advanced debug features at an entry-level price. With as many as 20 channels, you can analyze analog and digital signals with a single instrument.

AFG1000 - Arbitrary Function Generator


Starting Price: INR 42500
(Taxes Applicable)

The AFG1000 Series Arbitrary/Function Generator offers the best price performance ratio in its class. It's tailored for educational users with 25 MHz, 60 MHz bandwidth, 2 output channels, and 1 mVp-p to 10 Vp-p output amplitude across full bandwidth. It generates all kinds of waveform's needed in a lab.

RSA306B – USB Spectrum Analyzer


Starting Price: INR 288000
(Taxes Applicable)

A full-featured spectrum analyzer for less than half the price of a conventional unit. It weighs just 1.65 pounds, takes little space on your bench, and fits easily in your hand, bag, pocket or tool belt.

  • 9 kHz to 6.2 GHz
  • 40 MHz real-time bandwidth

SMU – Source Measurement Unit


Starting Price: INR 382000
(Taxes Applicable)

Tektronix/Keithley offers the broadest choice of SMU instruments available. All Keithley SourceMeter® instruments are fully programmable while delivering higher precision, resolution, and flexibility ideal for materials research, semiconductor devices (transistor, BJT, diode, power MOSFET, power semi, LED), electronic circuits and more.

Power Supply


Starting Price: INR 67900
(Taxes Applicable)

Choose Your Voltage and Current -- Quickly, Precisely with wide voltage and current ranges, the PWS4000 Programmable Power Supply Series makes a versatile addition to your bench. A basic voltage accuracy of 0.03% and less than 5 mVp-p noise means you can be confident in the power supply's output value. List mode and a USB port for remote programming accelerate complex test development.
The PWS4000 Power Supply Series generates the power you need for your application – quickly and precisely.

DMM - Digital Multimeter


Starting Price: INR 50400
(Taxes Applicable)

The 2110 Series 5½-Digit USB Digital Multimeter combines compelling pricing with comprehensive capabilities, superior measurement accuracy, and high speed. Its dual-line display capability allows it to display two different measurements at once. This general purpose DMM offers an unbeatable value for production, R&D, and test engineers, scientists, and students. At 5½ digits, the 2110 Series delivers up to 200 readings/s via the USB remote interface. At the fast 4½-digit setting, it takes up to 50,000 readings/s and, with the GPIB option, makes an ideal DMM for production and monitoring applications.



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